“It’s crazy that I’m just now seeing this, but everybody has the potential to be a leader, they just have different styles,” she says. “I’ve learned to be comfortable with who I am and the qualities that I have. Even the weaknesses that I have I’m more at peace with. It’s taken something like Power of the Purse to show me that I’ve been a leader all along, I just didn’t see it.”

Shannon Heard Steps In the Ring as Chair of 2015’s Power of the Purse Luncheon | Little Rock Soiree Magazine

It’s an unfortunate novelty. When people learn that 27-year-old Shannon Heard is a recreational kickboxer, eyebrows go up. Some of her friends or colleagues, should they share the same interest, would not be met with the same surprise. It is noteworthy, unfortunately, because she is a woman.

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