I’m not interested in being a champion of a cause that turns a blind eye to racial discrimination and police brutality in America ,Pearson, 13, said in a statement. I also don’t want to be the anti-Obama kid. I want to be the kid who fought for real change and worked with both sides to achieve a better America.


13-Year-Old Viral Sensation C.J. Pearson Disavows Conservatism — Here’s Who He ‘Could Get Behind’ | TheBlaze.com

Teenage viral sensation C.J. Peasrson — who became famous for his brash rhetoric blasting President Barack Obama — announced on Friday he would no longer identify as conservative. In an interview with TheBlaze, C.J. Pearson, who first entered the national media spotlight when his video criticizing Obama went viral in…

Source: www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/11/27/13-year-old-viral-sensation-c-j-pearson-disavows-conservatism-heres-who-hes-now-supporting/



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