“I think I’ve realized over time that I wasn’t born into the same privilege that the majority of the people I compete with did. Honestly, it makes me angry. But I think that struggle is what is unique from my competitors and gives me my drive. I want my story to be an inspiration to all the young kids that look like me to be the best. I also want them to know that there are other options than football and basketball, and I want to make those options more accessible.”


How a 23-Year-Old 2012 USA Fencing Olympian is Breaking Color Barriers

Nzingha Prescod shares how the sport of fencing is preparing her for a career in social injustice.

Source: www.blackenterprise.com/lifestyle/how-a-23-year-old-2012-usa-fencing-olympian-is-breaking-color-barriers/


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