“The thing I’m most excited about right now (other than writing journal articles about blazars!) is the new monthly google hangout series I host called “Vanguard: Conversations with Women of Color in STEM.” It’s a lively, rotating panel discussion with an amazing set of current women of color in STEM and my hope is to connect them directly to emerging women of color in STEM. It’s a great time and we share advice, encouragement and tips for how to be successful in the world of STEM, in particular, but much of the advice can be applied much more broadly.”



Meet Dr Jedidah Isler: The First Black Woman to Graduate from Yale with a PhD in Astrophysics | Black Girl with Long Hair

Dr. Jedidah Isler giving a TED talk. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jedidah Isler at a mutual friend’s wedding this summer. She was so humble, that I had

Source: blackgirllonghair.com/2015/09/meet-dr-jedidah-isler-the-first-black-woman-to-graduate-from-yale-with-a-phd-in-astrophysics/


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