“I don’t think people realize how open it is right now with the Internet and being able to release projects on your own,” said Smith. “I wanted to release (‘The Takeover’) online so I could build a following and just so I could test the waters out there of what was possible. For me, that’s what I’m moving toward—independently releasing things and building up my audience.”


Salisbury native has green light to make a mark in Hollywood | BlackPressUSA

By Ashley Mahoney Special to the NNPA News Wire from The Charlotte Post A Hollywood breakthrough does not come along every day for a SaliSalisbury native Shequeta Smith is looking to break into feature filmmaking after making the top 20 in HBO’s “Project Greenlight.” (Andreas Branch

Source: www.blackpressusa.com/salisbury-native-has-green-light-to-make-a-mark-in-hollywood/



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