“I dream big but i use [sic] to be so big on thinking and caring what people think about me and thats when i say enough is enough. I am a normal girl in a normal world. i go out to eat with friends and i might be in the doctors office faithfully getting my check ups and treatments but im normal and i am allowed to make mistakes. Lupus does not define me.”

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This Black Woman is Sharing Images of Her Lupus Flare Ups to Raise Awareness of the Disease | Black Girl with Long Hair

Lupus is often seen as a silent killer, an autoimmune disease that few people know about or understand unless it affects someone close to them. But Jokiva, a 21

Source: blackgirllonghair.com/2016/08/this-black-woman-is-sharing-images-of-her-lupus-flare-ups-to-raise-awareness-of-the-disease/

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