We don’t always have to go on a spa vacation. It could be as simple as your Sunday-night ritual, where you just take an hour to do your nails, or go get your nails done, or take a bubble bath. It goes back to self-love and realizing that you have to fill yourself up, in order to be there for others. There’s a group of women who connect to that feeling of being drained and exhausted. They forget to take time for themselves,” Hill says

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Dana Hill: How a ‘Queen Boss’ Reigns in the Beauty Box Biz

Dana Hill is an award-winning expert in the beauty industry. She is the founder of Cocotique, a deluxe beauty box subscription company for women of color.

Source: www.blackenterprise.com/lifestyle/fashion-beauty/dana-hill-queen-boss-reigns-beauty-box-biz/

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