“When Richardson returned home from the screening, she talked to her mom about launching a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for other young girls and boys to see the movie. In addition to providing invitations to private screenings, she also gave students copies of the book, movie posters, goodie bags and snack packs. Before and after the second screening, the local radio station, Girl Scouts and a local museum set up tables to hand out STEM information. Now, Richardson’s in the process of ordering DVDs of the movie to distribute to local STEM organizations and some homeless shelters.”

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Aspiring Astronaut Raises $17,000 For Hundreds Of Kids To See ‘Hidden Figures’

The Florida teen hopes the movie will inspire other young girls to pursue interests in STEM.

Source: www.forbes.com/sites/reneemorad/2017/02/20/young-aspiring-astronaut-raises-17000-for-hundreds-of-students-to-see-hidden-figures/amp/

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