“​AFSP has given me the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive for myself, my family and many others in my community. I founded the first chapter of AFSP in Oklahoma to reach out to those suffering with depression and other mental health conditions, and well as those suffering from the loss of a loved one to suicide.”

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My Story: From Suicide To Success | | BlackDoctor

At the age of 30, David Threatt’s life was out of control. He had a bunch of debt, his marriage was suffering. His business was suffering..By the age of thirty, Author and entrepreneur David A. Threatt’s life was spiraling out of control. His business was failing and he was in a grave of debt that he never thought he’d get out of. Plus, he felt that he hadn’t been the best man or father he could be, and was going…

Source: blackdoctor.org/513657/my-story-from-suicide-to-success/

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