The way Black Love shares the stories of various couples in a way that’s refreshing and much-needed. “It was really important to address various parts of a relationship,” said Codie. “The first episode is how love begins, the stories of people meeting and the other episodes are about challenges that come up in a relationship. That’s really how we structured the series so that we could get in all these diverse stories. We don’t claim to have the secret. We don’t claim to have one way to get from year one to year seventy, so it was really important to show all the diverse couples and the choices they made to work on strengthening their marriages.”

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Meet The Couple Behind Black Love: Codie & Tommy Oliver | BlackDoctor

codie oliver, tommy oliver, black love, black love docBlack Love is not perfect, but it’s certainly worth it. That’s why we’re here for the new docu-series on OWN, Black Love, created by fillmmakers Codie & Tommy Oliver. Codie got the idea for the film before she met her now husband, Tommy, back in 2008 when she was frustrated with the narrative about Black…


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