“I didn’t want to accept that, and I decided I wasn’t going to accept it,” she recalled. She began going to the gym regularly and soon discovered just how talented she was at weightlifting and bodybuilding. Maxine began entering bodybuilding competitions in her early 60s. By the age of 65, she turned pro.

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Bodybuilding Grandma Got Serious About Working Out At 59

Maxine Fredericks, a bodybuilding grandma, only began to take fitness seriously after she was diagnosed with early-stage osteoporosis.If you’re not naturally fit, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get to the gym and get in shape. Oftentimes, people might feel as if it’s too late or they’re just too old to start working out and focusing on their physical fitness. But with her amazing fitness journey, Maxine Fredericks has proven that…

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